B-B-B-Blacktoft Sands can be cold!

Apologies  for my tardiness in updating my pages. This was due to real life intruding into my birding.

It doesn’t mean I haven’t  been birding just that I haven’t had time to write anything up.

Where do we start,  since I last talked to you in January I’ve frozen my nuts off at Blacktoft Sands,  bagged a few swans at the LDV,  almost crashed the car near  Fairburn Ings,  and got my best ever kingfisher picture at Adel Dams. Busy me!

Going through things chronologically the first item on the agenda was the Blacktoft Sands trip. The 6th of February was a rather overcast day with a strong northerly bias to the breeze. That was true in Leeds, however out by Goole it was wet and there was a freaking gale. Thankfully the precipitation diminished over the afternoon  but the wind didn’t – worst luck.

The trip was with Ken, birding buddy and token non-Tyke. Target birds were hen harrier and barn owl, we got 1 of the 2 so 50% strike rate, pretty fair given the conditions.

We worked the reserve from West to East,  first up was Ousefleet, out on a limb and quite frankly on the day best avoided, we saw nothing there that we didn’t see from other hides.  Moving East we had a very rapid glance at the water from Marshland,  honestly there was nothing there. Xerox next and we started getting more good birds, goldeneye, snipe, shelduck, distant marsh harriers and the odd dunlin. More of the same at First hide, nothing at Townend and then the last one on our Eastward  journey, Singleton. It was here we set up camp for the next couple of  hours  and were treated to 10 marsh harriers in the air at once,  not 1 nor 2 but 3 hen harriers in the air (including a spanking male bird) along with distant flights of golden plover, some nice heron interactions and the freezing Northerly wind.  By the time we quit the hide to make our way back to the car park we were shaking like a couple of those dogs my Dad used to talk about. Man it was cold, I lost contact with my feet (amongst other extremities) for a few hours! Light crap so not photos.

Part two to follow within a short time


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