Woods and Ings

3 April 2013
My first visit to Hetchell Woods this year, this is a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust reserve that I surveyed last year and am intending to survey again this year.

A little about the place

A little about the place

Today’s foray is just to re-familiarise myself with the terrain. Wasn’t really expecting to find the large area of cleared scrub in the middle of the reserve, the YWT are going to commence coppicing the area so have cleared out the undergrowth and taken the hazel stands down to ground level to allow them to re-grow and be cut for hazel stakes. Nice concept but as I found a couple of pairs of blackcaps nesting in the area last year – not really what I wanted to see. We shall see what happens this year.
The devastation all to the left of the path should be scrub

The devastation

There was surprisingly little in the way of bird life in the area today, an odd blackbird or two and a nice buzzard overhead as I got to the ford. A couple of mistle thrushes in the fields to the East of the reserve were a nice tick but outside the recording area, hopefully they will be within the recording area next time.
Could this be this years' nest?

Could this be this years’ nest?

The ford

The ford

Later in the day I took some time out from my journey to a committee meeting to have a mooch around at Fairburn Ings with the camera. Not much around there really, I was hoping the brambling from earlier in the year might just be sat on a branch waiting for me to take it’s picture but no. Down by the Kingfisher screen and no kingfishers, this is just too much, what are the RSPB playing at. Back at the visitor centre and a redpoll on the niger feeder was a nice sight, as was the collared dove by the fence.



Collared Dove

Collared Dove

I had a walk down to the duck feeding area to have a shot at birds in flight with the gulls.
Black-headed Gull

Black-headed Gull

Got to get some practise in for later in the year when I’ll be snapping long -tailed skuas from the boat in September, well a man can dream can’t he?


2 thoughts on “Woods and Ings

  1. Your Redpoll looks pretty decent for a mealy. I assume it is the same one as on the yorks birders fb page in which case the white wing bar, super, tramlines and whitish rump are all evident although the bird is quite brown toned generally. I’d have it.

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