Majorca 2013 – part 2

Monday 17th June

Today we visited Puerto Pollenca, where we stayed on our first visit to Majorca all those years ago, man it has changed a fair bit. Still the lovely beach but the marina has grown, the boats almost outnumber the people now. We had a burger and a brew in a bar on the town square and looked for the tree that held the scops owl last time we were in town. Had a look at the start of the Bocquer Valley, but have to wait to visit it. First Eleonora’s falcon of the trip during the drive back to Alcudia, little egret at the ‘smelly stream’ loads of spot flys as well.

The beach at Puerto Pollenca

The beach at Puerto Pollenca

Just a few of the boats

Just a few of the boats

Little egret at the 'smelly stream'

Little egret at the ‘smelly stream’

Later that day whilst having a post bedtime snifter I realised that the ‘buzzing’ in my ears wasn’t water from the afternoon swim but nightjars churring somewhere above. A trip up to the roof terrace was called for, I could still hear the birds, then in the light of the moon at least 2 birds were visible flitting backwards and forwards over the roof. One of them taking time out to sit on the aerial and take up the churring again. This was great but sadly the camera was below and I’d had a little too much wine to try and get a photo tonight.

Tuesday 18th June

Visited the market in Alcudia old town to day, great if you want a belt or a leather bag but not really much else there. The various bars etc all looked very inviting but we stayed alcohol free for the duration. Nice kestrel action over the town and there were several goldfinches feeding in a field close by the Roman ruins, much darker birds than the UK variety.

Spotted Flycatcher

Spotted Flycatcher

Later in the day I had a wander about the area behind the resort complex and found Tucan Marsh, which I’d heard about but couldn’t find in any of the books. Loads of coot, pochard, mallard and little grebes. The first woodchat shrike of the holiday was photographed but sadly I committed the cardinal sin of focussing on the bush rather than the bird. A couple of stonechats also put in appearance but they were way too mobile for me. Another Eleonora’s falcon over the scrub was a nice addition to the day list.

The evening meal was at a bar on the main strip with live music, well the guy was breathing! He ‘played’ guitar and ‘sang’ along to karaoke tracks, Neil Diamond, Simon and Garfunkel that sort of stuff. Thing was his singing was appalling and the guitar playing was almost non-existent as the karaoke track had all the music there. When he was switching between tracks on his laptop he was playing the guitar whilst waiting for the tracks to queue up and daft thing was he was playing some good little riffs, why he didn’t actually play more I’ll never know.

The guitarist

The guitarist

Wednesday 19th June

Today we are mostly driving around the island, started from Alcudia and heading East along the road towards Arta then on to Cala Rajada and Son Moll beach out in the East of the island. Lovely place but why are they building a multi-storey apartment block right at the side of the sand? Once finished this is going to be a real blight. A walk along the clifftop brought decent views of Audouin’s gull, the inevitable spot fly but not much else.

Back to the car and then Southwards to Porto Colmb, Porto Cristo and then Cala D’Or, we stayed here a few years back during October and found it very nice. Today it was anything but, the temperature was ridiculous, somewhere in the 30’s and not a breath of a breeze. We were baking! Went to the main beach and after 10 minutes of being ignored at the beach cafe we moved inland a little and had lunch in a lovely little bar. Fried squid rings, delicious.

Returning to the car we set off Westwards for Santanyi, Ses Salines where I had intended to stop and scan the salt pans but the pans are not close to the town and I missed the correct junction. Never mind press on, Campos, Lluc Major where I almost drove the wrong way down a one way street. Direction change to head North towards Algaida, Sencelles and Inca. The roads here were a little narrow and there were times when I was doubting that a vehicle could get by without crashing, thankfully the locals knew what they were doing and collisions were avoided. We’d a couple of red kite during this drive along with a few woodchat shrike on fence wires. Once in Inca it was find the motorway and head back home.

After the evening meal and before too much vino had been consumed I made my way to the roof with the camera and laid wait for the nightjars. Cloud cover meant that the night was pitch black but based on the previous night I figured that when the bird was churring it was on the aerial. I took a few shots with the camera on highest ISO but they were pitch black, so I dropped the ISO and brought in the flash. Took a couple of shots and this time could just make out the satellite dish so kept things like that for when the birds arrived. Thankfully not too long to wait and as soon as the churring started I took a few shots in the direction of the aerial. It worked, as after a little work in Lightroom I was able to reveal a reasonable picture.




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