Catch up 2 – Crete 2015

Later that year we paid a visit to Crete, a first for us and most definitely not the last trip there. It was in September and there was a mini-heatwave when we arrived, even the locals were complaining that it was too hot. Diamond Resorts has a couple of resorts close to Hersonissos, the Village Heights Golf Resort up in the hills about 10 km outside the town  and the Village Appartments which is situated in Koutouloufari a small village only a km or so from the town. We stayed at Village Heights on a promotional week, meaning that at some point we have to spend time with a rep who will attempt to sell us more time share points. The views from the resort are great Рyou can almost see Heraklion in the West and Malia in the East, whilst Hersonissos is almost invisible due to the lie of the land. Hersonissos has a sm,all sandy beach to the north side of the harbour whilst to the south of the harbour it is extremely rocky.

We both really fell in love with the resort and are detemined to revisit as often as possible. Crete is a gorgeous place, it seems like around every corner there is a fantastic panorama, the people cannot be more helpful and the wildlife is fantastic. Driving on the island can be ‘fun’ as the locals will insist on trying to make 3 lanes on the 2 lane motorways. We toured the Eastern end of the island as the weather was so hot that it made driving long distances very uncomfortable, Agia Nikolai was one of the many places we stopped. Whilst there we had a boat trip out to Spinalonga Island ( a former leper colony) in the bay, Sheila was most annoyed to find out that the boat stopped for people to enjoy a little sea bathing mid trip, she’d not got her cossie with her. The tour of the Island was interesting, our guide having a good grasp of English and a wry manner about her.


Agia Nikolai harbour

Later in the week I attempted to drive up to the Lesithi plateau but gave up after struggling with gears in the hire car, a Yaris, I’m too used to a diesel engine which pulls up hill brilliantly, the petrol engine laboured appallingly.

Looking towards the Lesithi plateau from Village Heights

Looking towards Lesithi Plateau from Village Heights

During the week I saw a fair number of birds but sadly only 1 lifer – a southern grey shrike which I managed to get a fairly rubbish shot of. Had some great views of griffon vulture and buzzard. The highlight of the trip was a european praying mantis which we found walking along the side of the pathway on the resort. On the day we were to leave we visited the Apartments in Koutouloufari and had a quick look around, Sheila had a dip in the pool there whilst I had a Mythos. Looked nice so we determined to try and book for the Apartments in 2016.

Praying mantis

European Praying mantis

Balkan Green lizard 2

Balkan green lizard

Hummingbird Hawkmoth 2

Humming-bird hawkmoth